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Have you visited our project in Kenya or are you supporting the project? Then share your experience below. So we can hopefully inspire more people to come and visit us. We believe that as long as we all try to help from our hearts we can truly make a change.


We love to share our project with the world to inspire others and spread a ray of light to make this world a better place. We can not do that without the help of other people. So that is why we want to give everyone the chanche to share their experience. We aren't doing this on our own. We are doing this with the help of many great people!

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Jeroen Tollenaar
een jaar geleden

Apart from several visits to their 'complex' because that's the name - impressive as it is, - deserves Emma & Gerrie also stayed at my Kajiado farm. Humble and dedicated to the bone is what makes them very special. Their ability to do SO much with little, is certainly extra ordinary and a gift. Everytime I go there I'm surprised by what they again did to improve ithings even more. The entire team does miracles. God bless them all!

een jaar geleden

I was at Gerry's place several times from the start of building, during the construction up to now. I assisted with donations for cement, sand, stones, food .....It's amazing what this people are doing for the children. Now the next building is under construction and help is needed, for more kids to find a school place. Respect to people like Gerry and his wife who bring all energy in their project.❤️