Nooit Meer Honger

De Doelen van Nooit meer Honger.

  • Een Einde maken aan Armoede
  •  Een Einde maken aan Honger.
  • Voor elke wereldburger goede gezondheidszorg.
  • Voor ieder kind Goede scholing.
  • Toegang tot Schoon drinkwater.
  •  Natuurlijke en verantwoorde energie
  • Samen Leven met de natuur.
  • Global Warming.
  • Kinderen laten opgroeien in een liefdevolle en veilige situatie

Nooit meer honger

Nooit meer honger is een onderdeel van foundation black and white friends for life wellnes center


Development aid in Ukunda Kenya. 


Never Hungry again is a development project that originated from the Black and White Friends for Life Wellness Center foundation. The aim of this development project is to end hunger in Ukunda in Kenya. For many people, the food that is for sale is too expensive, for that reason not everyone gets enough nutrition. We can and we want to do something about this, but we do need your help with that.


How do we plan to end hunger in Ukunda?

We are already helping many people by handing out food on regular base, besides that the children who receive education through the foundation Black and white Friends for life are served breakfast and lunch every day, they also get fruit to take home. However, at the moment we still have to buy the food and that costs a lot of money. To be able to help more people with less money, our next goal is to buy agricultural land. That is immediately the focus of this project. In addition to agricultural land, money is of course also needed to purchase materials and seeds, further we will hire local people to help us grow food, of course these people also earn a fair wage and therefor we will also use the donations to pay those people.

The future for Ukunda, Kenya.

The food that will be grown will be sold for a fair and lower price and for the people who can't afford that either we will continue to help by donating food. Ultimately, the intention is that the project will become a self-sufficient project. Once the project is running, the goal is that it will also generate money to pay for wages, but also to expand it, so that even more people can be helped. In this way we want to create a lasting change and improvement for the people of Ukunda in Kenya, because we believe that no one should go to bed hungry.


How can you contribute to this development project in Kenya? 

How can you help? We are already happy with anyone who wants to donate 50 cents per month, more is always welcome, but if enough people donate 50 cents per month, we will come a long way. Another form of help is of course spreading the word, asking other people to donate as well. We don't have expensive CEOs at the top, so the money can go entirely to the local population. By joining our Facebook page you can follow the progress of the Never Hungry Again development project, so that you will see that we are actually using the money for its intended purpose.


Do you want to help us make the world a bit more beautiful and thereby improve the lives of the local population?

read on our donation page how you can donate to this project beautifull project.

Only together we can make this world a better place.



Het gevoel dat je iemand mag helpen is een gevoel dat je pas begrijpt als je er bij bent.