Een Gedicht voor Gerrie en Emma

Gepubliceerd op 6 november 2023 om 15:05
Een gedicht gemaakt door Ruben Beekmans voor Emma en Gerrie
In Kenya's embrace, two souls reside,
Gerrie and Elizabeth, our endless pride.
With hearts so pure, they lend a hand,
Guiding little children across the land.
A noble cause, woven in their dreams,
To build a school, where hope gleams.
With bricks and mortar, they crafted a space,
A sanctuary of joy, a nurturing embrace.
Their love extends beyond solid walls,
Illuminating futures, breaking down all stalls.
Always helping others, their hands outstretched,
In their presence, many lives find strength.
For peace in this world, their voices rise,
Prayers whispered, reaching the skies.
But action speaks louder, they surely know,
Taking care of children, their greatest show.
Each tender smile, each warm embrace,
A testament to their unyielding grace.
Mentors and protectors, they wisely lead,
Urging us all to follow their creed.
Gerrie and Elizabeth, beacons of light,
Guiding us through both the day and night.
May your compassion inspire us anew,
For the beautiful world we all pursue.
With care and kindness, they pave the way,
Transforming young lives, day by day.
In Kenya's embrace, their hearts reside,
Gerrie and Elizabeth, forever by our side.


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